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With a career spanning over 20 years in the Spa, Fitness and Wellness industries, Barbara Morrow brings an unparalleled blend of skills to resort developers, spa owners and management companies worldwide.  As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and an Exercise Physiologist with a deep understanding of the spa industry and natural medicine, Barbara designs authentic spa concepts, environments, treatments, wellness programs and signature products for discriminating clients. Her imaginative treatments and spaces create healing experiences for guests and staff alike while maximizing revenue and net operating income for business owners. As one of the early pioneers to introduce indigenous healing practices into traditional spa offerings, Barbara designs signature treatments and products for clients that incorporate local, natural materials in truly sustainable ways.  With her global vision, perceptive style and intuitive skills, Barbara harmoniously collaborates with international architects, contractors, designers and artisans alike to bring a cohesive, authentic spa experience with streamlined operations to fruition.  


Planning & Design 

Facility Design

Indigenous  Influences

Sense of place  Authenticity


 Providing Distinctly Tailored Spa Environments, Concepts, Treatments, Training Services & Operations

for Discriminating Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

Spa Menu Design

Signature Treatments  

Quality Staff Training Operations